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Music Brokers

Music Brokers is the channel for extended playlists featuring your favorite versions of today's best music. Whether it's reggae, bossa or jazz covers, we represent the artists who love to give a new spin to contemporary classics. While we are best known for our first hits such as Bossa n' Stones and Jazz and '80s, our producers continue to release smooth and sultry covers with excellent musical arrangements such as the VIntage Café series and Jazz Sexiest Ladies, both well loved brands. We've developed a sound that is ideal for providing places of business such as restaurants, hotels, clubs, spas and shopping centers with soundtracks that evoke the warm sands of Brazil or Jamaica and the voices of our world famous vocalists, such as Karen Souza or Ituana. Welcome to the place where you'll always find the best tunes to keep you company, at work, in the gym or in the car.

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Music Brokers
Music Brokers

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