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Thanks To Everyone Who Has Participated With The Growth of This Channel. This Platform Is Intended To Serve Everyone Who Love And Enjoys Music. When I Created This Back In 2017, I Did So With A Heavy Heart And Used It As A Tool of Distraction While My Daughter Battled Pediatric Cancer (Neuroblastoma). Glad To Say That We Are Years Removed From That Horrific Hurdle In Our Lives. And Although Not 100% Physically Back To Her Previous Self Yet, We Are More Than Thankful, Grateful And Elated That She Is Still Here Sharing Her Wonderful Life With Us. I Know That She And All of Us Are Here For A Great Reason. She’s Currently In HS As An Honor Roll Student With Aspirations of Becoming A Marine Biologist or Gourmet Chef. If You Listen To Any of My Mixes And Hear “You Go Dad” or “Go Ahead Daddy”, That Is My Pride And Joy Whose Voices I Captured As A Sample Those Years Ago. Thanks Again For Your Continued Support. Blessings To You All. DJ Alkazed

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DJ Alkazed & Good Vibes Production
DJ Alkazed & Good Vibes Production

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