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Rosa Pistola x Hoz x Scarlett - Loco

"Loco" is a special track curated by Rosa Pistola for our last compilation "CxC Vol. 2".
  • Publish : Friday 06 may 2022
  • Modification : Friday 27 october 2023

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"Loco" is a special track curated by Rosa Pistola for our last compilation "CxC Vol. 2".

Stream/Download 🔗 https://orcd.co/cxc-vol-2
Read more 🔗 https://couvrexchefs.com/en/rosa-pistola-hoz-scarlett-loco-video-cxc-vol-2

Vocals and lyrics: Hoz https://instagram.com/es_el_hoz_mami
Music: Scarlett https://instagram.com/ohgodscarlett
Mix and recording of vocals: DJ Criztian https://instagram.com/djcriztianmx
Master: Imaabs https://instagram.com/imaabs

Direction and edition: Aldo So https://instagram.com/aldoso
Photography 16mm and digital calibration: Josué Eber M. https://instagram.com/josueeber
Production: Couvre x Chefs and Rosa Pistola https://www.instagram.com/djrosapistola/
Digital animation: David Sánchez
Photography assistant: Jacinto Cruz https://instagram.com/jacinto.crz
Photography and direct sound: Angélica Queupumil https://instagram.com/angie_queupumil
Development and digitization: Labo Digital
Bardictos Crew: Brown Chocc, El Díaz, López, Román,
Choi, Karlo, Lunatik, Tamer

© Couvre x Chefs, México 2022

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