EMEL - The Man Who Sold The World (Official Audio)

E M E L - Holm (A Dream) (Official Video)

From The Double Album "The Tunis Diaries" out Oct 23 on Partisan Records. Pre-order here: https://emel.lnk.to/tunisProduced by Little Human RecordsComposer: ...
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E M E L - آمال مثلوثي
E M E L - آمال مثلوثي

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  • Creation : Tuesday 25 january 2011
  • Publish : Monday 07 march 2022

From The Double Album "The Tunis Diaries" out Oct 23 on Partisan Records. Pre-order here: https://emel.lnk.to/tunis brut html

Produced by Little Human Records

Composer: Anoushiravan Rouhani
Lyrics: Emel Mathlouthi

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Video shot by Emel Mathlouthi on phone.

English translation:

If I could close my eyes and the dreams take me by the hand, I would rise and fly in a new sky and I will forget my sorrows.

If I could travel in my imagination, I would build palaces and nights where love and my hopes can grow and we will erase the pain ..

A world in which you see people whose features,
are clouded by oppression, misery and suffering
from a bitter reality that destroys everything we build.

A world where you see rising walls of tyranny that crushes in us dreams and dreams
and reign darkness and greed in all hearts.

Arabic Lyrics:

لو كنت نغمّض عينيّا
و تاخذني الأحلام من يديّا
و نعلى و نحلّق في سماء جديدة
و ننسى الوجايع ،
لو كنت نسافر في خيالي
نزرع و نبني قصور ليالي
يكبر فيها الحب و آمالي و نمحي الآلام ..

دنيا ترى فيها ملامح ناس
قوسها الضلم و البؤس و القهر
من واقع عاسر يعبث بكلّ ما نبنيه ،
دنيا علت فيها أسوار طغيان
سحق فينا أحلاما أحلامْ
و عمّ الظّلام و الأنانيّة في كل القلوب ..

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