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On the Road with Indira Paganotto | MotoGP, Genova, Cocorico, Ibiza - Chapter 6

Welcome to the mini vlog series of Indira Paganotto
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Welcome to the mini vlog series of Indira Paganotto

Join us on a journey in this exclusive mini vlog series, where we give you an exceptional glimpse into the life of Indira Paganotto, as she travels the world and takes over the biggest stages around the globe. Our vlogs will take you backstage, revealing the preparations that go into her performances. From selecting the perfect outfit that matches till going on stage, you'll get an inside look at who Indira Paganotto is.

Indira Paganotto isn't just a DJ and producer; she's a force of nature, a true embodiment of the passion and energy that her music brings. Through our lens, you'll witness the intense moments of anticipation as she jets off to show the biggest festivals and events in the world.

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